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MT8121X Màn hình cảm ứng HMI Weintek 12.1 Inch

MT8121X Màn hình cảm ứng HMI Weintek 12.1 Inch

MT8121X Màn hình cảm ứng HMI Weintek 12.1 Inch

Hardware Specification
Display 12.1″ TFT
Brightness 400 cd/m2
Color 65,536 colors
Contrast Ratio 500:1
Resolution (WxH dots) 800 x 600
Back light CCFLx2
CCFL life time 50,000 hr. min.
Touch panel 4 wires resistive type
Touch Accuracy Active Area Length(X)±2%, Width(Y)±2%
Surface Hardness 4H
I/O port COM1 (RS-232/RS-485 2W/4W), COM2(RS232),
COM3(RS-232/RS-485  2W),1 Ethernet port (10/100 Base-T)
USB Host 2 USB 2.0 Full Speed Host port
Audio 1 x Audio Line Out, 1 x MIC In
Processor AMD Geode     LX800/500MHz core processor
Storage 256MB D.O.M
DRAM 256MB on board DDR-400MHz SDRAM
SD card slot Support SDHC/SD
RTC Built-in (CR2032 3V lithium battery.)
General Specification
Input Power 24±20% VDC (Power Isolator Inside.)
Power Consumption 1.25 A@24VDC
CE Complies with EN50081-2 and EN50082-2 standards
FCC Complies with FCC Class A
Voltage resistance 500VAC (1 min.)
Isolation resistance Exceed 50M  at 500VDC
Vibration endurance 10 to 25 Hz (X,Y,Z direction 2G 30minutes)
Protection structure IP65 front panel (O ring seal)
Operating Temperature 0~45°C
Operation humidity 10-90% RH (non   condense)
Enclosure Plastic
Dimensions WxHxD 322 x 243 x 51mm
Panel cutout dimension 305 x 231 mm
Weight Approx. 2.1 kg
Operating System
Operating System EB8000 V1.3.0 or Newer
MT8121X_Dimension Man hinh cam ung HMI Weintek

MT8121X_Dimension Man hinh cam ung HMI Weintek

  • COM 1 [RS-232] Male 9P D-Sub
Pin# Symbol COM 1
1 Not used
2 RxD Received Data
3 TxD Transmitted Data
4 Not used
5 GND Signal Ground
6 Not used
7 RTS Ready to send output
8 CTS Clear to send input
9 Not used
  • COM 1 [RS-485 2/4W], COM 3 [RS-485 2W] Female 9P D-Sub
Pin# Symbol COM 1 COM 1 COM 3
[RS-485] 2W [RS-485] 4W [RS-485] 2W
1 Rx- Data- Rx-
2 Rx+ Data+ Rx+
3 Tx- Tx-
4 Tx+ Tx+
5 GND1 Ground 1
6 Not used
7 Data- Data-
8 Data+ Data+
9 GND2 Ground 2
  • Ghi Chú: Both COM 1 [RS-485] 2W and COM 3 [RS-485] 2W support MPI 187.5K, please use one at one time.
  • Software: EB8000 


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